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Another trio of House song reworks--as ever, links are supplied to instrumental accompaniment for singing purposes.  Two are canon-based; the third is set within "An Art of Balance," the coming "Principles" sequel.  (Vague spoiler warning for that one, but no more than the sonnets.)

1: "Despite Pain" to the tune of "King of Pain" by The Police.  House suffers, but he doesn't let it stop him from living his life.

2: "Let's Talk Now of Diagnosis" to the tune of Gilbert and Sullivan's "Never Mind the Why and Wherefore" from H.M.S. Pinafore.  You could call this one 'DDX in song, 2.0.'  Featuring House, the original fellows and a satirical tone.

3: "Andromeda's Eyes" to the tune of "Lily's Eyes" from The Secret Garden.  (Hyperlink supplied is to an MP3 of the original song, with vocals: listen, as it is gorgeous.  Instrumental version for singing is linked under the cut.)  Again, this one belongs to the dæmonverse AAU--a duet by Chase's aunts as they consider him and the sister they lost.

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Just so I have it in one place: the dæmons of the entire cast (all fellows now included) and the forms, names and symbolic meanings thereof.  Now under a cut, for aesthetics and in case anyone doesn't want to be spoiled.

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Welcome all to Operation: Get Collected Works in One Easily Accessible Place.  (Reposting this particular work, as I managed to screw up the HTML when editing a typo in the previous post.)

"DDX, With Feeling" (à la BtVS' endlessly versatile "Once More, With Feeling") was my initial foray into the House fandom.  With 17 meticulously reworked musical numbers, stage directions and dialogue, this piece is definitely a manifestation of my inner perfectionist.  Also my inner musical theater nut.  Please note that this edition includes links to MIDIs of the various instrumentals for your singing pleasure, and take time to appreciate the rhyme schemes and harmonies.

On with the show...

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I must confess, I have a weak spot for filks (i.e., song reworks).  Count up a few dozen syllables, map a rhyme scheme, and that catchy tune takes on a new life.  Here are a few House filks, à la various Broadway shows.  As with the musical a few entries down, I've linked to MIDI files so you can sing along.  Enjoy!

Feedback is, of course, immeasurably appreciated.


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