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Yes, I'm still here, I still love the fandom, and I still have stories to tell.  (I just hope anyone is still reading after I vanished for ten months.)

The Adaptations 'verse gets top priority, since uncounted hours of neuroanatomy and -rehab research, a Chart of said research that fully deserves the capital letter, and one very patient co-researcher/editor have been waiting months for grad school to loosen its clutches.  Next installment will be the rewrite of "While You Were Out."

I also want to write some short pieces (say one to three pages) in the world of "Principles of Growth."  If anyone wants to see a particular moment, feel free to suggest it.  I can't make promises, but you might spark something.

On a related note, the Masterlist entry for the Dæmonverse has been reformatted slightly, and now features a photo-manipulation of House, Wilson and Chase with their respective dæmons.
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"No Such Thing as Absolution," the next story in the "Adaptations" 'verse, will be online tomorrow.  I'm posting today because I want everyone to appreciate my beta reader, [ profile] resourceress7, who made this possible.

How?  With twenty-nine hours total of line-by-line discussion and analysis, in face of sleep deprivation and my overzealous love of semicolons.  We brainstormed.  We debated.  We had so much fun.  And this piece is now as close to perfect as it can be made.  Together, a linguist and an English lit major, alike in obsessive attention to detail, have determined that every word is in its correct place and pulling its weight.

You should also know that I never attempted medical fic before "Adaptations" because I knew I'd get caught up in researching the individual leaves on the trees, and the forest would never be written.  In her function as co-researcher, [ profile] resourceress7 organizes everything we learn about SCIs and the management thereof, enabling me keep it straight.  So I can pull medical fact into the stories I write without any appearance of effort, but I have tables and timelines making my 'verse go round.

I'm a good writer.  Having a good editor is improving my work considerably, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to grow.
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Currently, the "Adaptations" series—my attempt to bring medical realism to Chase's spinal cord injury (hereafter SCI)—has been taking priority.  I've been fortunate enough to have [ profile] resourceress7 and [ profile] enigma731 join me as co-researchers (giving me the benefit of superlative organizational/editorial skills and a neurorehab background, respectively), because SCI and rehabilitation is an expansive, complex topic.  Their help has been invaluable, and it's thanks to them that I'll be able to get the next story in this series posted before January break.  (Grad school permitting, I hope to post again in September, but I know better than to make any promises.)

"Acute Management" has been revised slightly to reflect continuing research.  Next up will be a reworked version of House's apology, now brought to you from the ICU to reflect the fact that Chase won't even be able to handle serious physical therapy for at least a month.  After that, "Step Follows Step" and "While You Were Out" (which I willingly admit I wrote without knowing nearly enough about the medical details involved; their current incarnations should be considered beta versions) will be edited to align with all previous events, and I'll be able to move forward properly.

This is going to be a long road for both Chase and House.  I look forward to recording where it leads.
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Sorry for having disappeared for a while: processing the finale took longer than I'd have liked.

I could devote a few paragraphs to the infuriating illogic of the thing (beginning with the terminal thymoma and ending with House's magical escape from infernal doom), but others already have, and there's no point in replicating their efforts.  I will say I'd hoped for something better than a parade of hallucinations and a reprise of the perennial arguments, but I never expected to be satisfied: my narrative preferences diverged from the canon writers' long ago.

Still, I've always loved the characters, even when the stories written for them appalled me, so I have no plans to go anywhere.  The larger projects I've put aside all semester are ready to return to, and I'm hoping to complete at least one of them before another year of graduate school pulls me under.  Currently, my dæmonverse looks as though it'll claim first priority (as a matter of trivia for those interested, my list of dæmon assignations has been updated to include Adams, Amber, Park and Stacy.  Of those, it was necessary to pin Amber's down, since she'll appear in "Interweaving").

Finally—so there's something of substance in this entry—have a metanarrative poem.  These are my own words to the characters, post-finale.  (And I disclaim the phrase "further up and further in," which is from C.S. Lewis' The Last Battle.)

Further Up and Further In

This is where all tales begin
(Further up and further in):
Kiss a dying world goodbye
(Time to fall, and falling, fly).
Rules that cannot break can bend
(All your lives were just pretend).
Time is winding to a close
(Tell me how your story goes):
Time to travel past the door
(Don’t you know that’s what you’re for?).
Losses fade; it’s not too late
(Time to find a kinder fate).

Time to fall, and falling, fly—
Tell me how your story goes.
Time to find a kinder fate:
Don’t you know that’s what you’re for?
All your lives were just pretend.
Further up and further in,
Find yourselves remade.  Begin.

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As an introduction, everyone's dæmons (names, forms and the significance thereof, as well as a few paragraphs to explain what dæmons are to those who aren't familiar with His Dark Materials) are listed here.  Note that fics are posted in order of internal chronology, not necessarily the order in which they were written.

Filed below is an early experiment with the idea of dæmons for House et al.: House and Wilson and their respective dæmons embark on a relationship, and begin working through the issues unearthed by the Tritter disaster.

Shifting Balances )

Having gotten the idea of how to write the characters with their dæmons, I threw canon parameters out the window and brought the societal norms of Philip Pullman's world to PPTH.  This fusion of the two worlds created something much richer, and far larger, than I expected at the onset.
The Dæmonverse )
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1. I'm working on that holiday gift-fic for [ profile] phinnia. (Yes, the one that was supposed to happen last year and apparently took exception to the fact.) It's set within the dæmonverse AAU and features House and Wilson spending winter solstice with Chase. So far, it's coming along very nicely: warm, funny and bittersweet in turns. It'll even be done by Christmas!

2. I've produced several (as yet unposted) dæmonverse AAU song reworks.

3. Still working on that large-scale AU of [ profile] ruby_took's Werewolf Saga, which focuses on House and Chase's father/son sort of relationship and asks the question of what it would take to get Chase to agree to turn, and the implications of that decision across his life. (Not even estimating an end date for this one.)

Happy holidays to all my readers: may your celebrations of the season, whatever forms they take, be joyous.

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Watched a few House episodes yesterday and came up with this: a dæmonverse AAU spin on S2's "The Mistake," told as a poem in free verse.

Mistake Averted )

And as a general note, I've hit a creative breakthrough with "An Art of Balance" after reading some of Joseph Campbell's work on the heroic cycle and a bit more on the Jungian concept of the shadow-self: I now have the story mapped more or less to the end and can begin actually writing it.  Extremely thrilled about this.


ETA: Alternated between writing my prologue and taking notes for future chapters; also found a book that should be very useful.  And I just had an idea that wants to incorporate itself into the story's climax; it appeals to me on a number of intellectual levels, but at the same time I find it bizarre enough that I'm wondering whether I've had a stroke of genius or one of insanity.
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The Vague Large Thing has germinated and is growing a plot; it promises to be at least the length of its predecessor.  I've written the first draft of the prologue and am currently deep in R&D, which is wonderful as I have something of an obsessive love of research.  Some details have been ironed out as far as setting goes: those of you interested in the 'where' of most of the story are welcome to have a look here.

I'm putting the sonnet (Chase's PoV, by the way) under a cut, as interpreting it will give away one or two plot details.  Anyone who wants to comment with a guess is more than welcome to do so.

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 I have just started plotting a Very Large Thing taking place post-"Principles".  I'd promised myself I wasn't going to do that.

Clearly I lied, because I cannot say when, but it's going to be novella-length.  It's going to be, period.

Plotting a story is like naming a stray: once you have, you're attached.

Why does inspiration always strike when it's least convenient?

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Hello, all—it's been a while.  Real Life has been busy for me and promises to stay that way (dammit), but even though the time should really be going elsewhere, I manage to write a little.  Lately I've been busy finishing the beta for the latest installment of [ profile] ruby_took's Werewolf Saga, titled "With Our Eyes Upon the Moon."  Anyone who enjoys House/Wilson with a supernatural twist should read.  (Note: I have a Large Story going AU from this point in the Saga that I will finish and post eventually.  It and everything related to it, as a collective, is the Packverse.  Feel free to speculate about it in comments: I'll enjoy watching you guess.)

In other news: a dæmonverse AAU ficlet hit me over the head today and demanded to be written; it's done in rough form but requires editing through eyes not made bleary with the fact that it's past four in the morning, so look for that at some point within the week.  It covers Foreman demanding House hire a fellow through Chase's appointment to the position (with a phone call by Rowan Chase in the middle), and I really enjoyed writing the intricacies of an interview including two bodies' worth of body language per being.

Next in the queue of Things to Be Written is the gift-fic I promised [ profile] phinnia : it will happen.  I cannot say precisely when, but it will happen; this I vow.  (The prequel to "Principles" will also someday happen, though after the gift-fic).

Finally, a bunny of frightening proportions is niggling at me: I make no promises, but I may someday return  to the dæmonverse AAU and a post-"Principles" world to tie up loose ends.  Don't start cheering yet, though: if this does happen, it'll be months distant at the very least.

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The prequel to "Principles of Growth", tentatively titled "Interweaving", is now in progress and shaping up nicely.  No promises about posting dates, but I'll let you know as things develop.

In the meantime, enjoy this Shakespearian sonnet based on a scene from "Principles" (specifically part 13, "Desideratum").

Life Given... )


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