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Since it's been a number of months (and because I just finished a song rework that was being uncooperative), I thought I ought to post again.  I hope to have more time for fandom again after the holiday season, but in the meantime, please enjoy the song rework and three short poems.

First, the song rework.  Call this "Nobody's Fault" in a not-quite-duet.
"From a Distance" )

Next, House's perspective on the events of the episode.  This one is unusual for me: I write very few villanelles, since this particular French verse form is difficult to render well in English.  It's also in second person, which I hadn't experimented with before.  Still, I'm pleased with the result.
"Parallels" )

Switching to Chase's perspective, this is a jump rope poem, set during his yet-unwritten rehab/recovery period.
"Adapting" )

Finally, a triolet.  This is a form I learned relatively recently, but its circular structure seemed to suit the subject: Chase in early recovery, learning to manage a wheelchair.
"Around Again" )
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Sorry for having disappeared for a while: processing the finale took longer than I'd have liked.

I could devote a few paragraphs to the infuriating illogic of the thing (beginning with the terminal thymoma and ending with House's magical escape from infernal doom), but others already have, and there's no point in replicating their efforts.  I will say I'd hoped for something better than a parade of hallucinations and a reprise of the perennial arguments, but I never expected to be satisfied: my narrative preferences diverged from the canon writers' long ago.

Still, I've always loved the characters, even when the stories written for them appalled me, so I have no plans to go anywhere.  The larger projects I've put aside all semester are ready to return to, and I'm hoping to complete at least one of them before another year of graduate school pulls me under.  Currently, my dæmonverse looks as though it'll claim first priority (as a matter of trivia for those interested, my list of dæmon assignations has been updated to include Adams, Amber, Park and Stacy.  Of those, it was necessary to pin Amber's down, since she'll appear in "Interweaving").

Finally—so there's something of substance in this entry—have a metanarrative poem.  These are my own words to the characters, post-finale.  (And I disclaim the phrase "further up and further in," which is from C.S. Lewis' The Last Battle.)

Further Up and Further In

This is where all tales begin
(Further up and further in):
Kiss a dying world goodbye
(Time to fall, and falling, fly).
Rules that cannot break can bend
(All your lives were just pretend).
Time is winding to a close
(Tell me how your story goes):
Time to travel past the door
(Don’t you know that’s what you’re for?).
Losses fade; it’s not too late
(Time to find a kinder fate).

Time to fall, and falling, fly—
Tell me how your story goes.
Time to find a kinder fate:
Don’t you know that’s what you’re for?
All your lives were just pretend.
Further up and further in,
Find yourselves remade.  Begin.

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I wrote these months ago and never posted them, so I might as well rectify that.  (If you like them, please see the 'sonnets' tag for others.)

'Broken': House in Mayfield. )

'Lines in the Sand': House on Cameron's reasons for leaving Chase. )

'Kyrie Eleison': Chase and the church, post-Dibala. )
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Title: Spell-Weaving
Author: lit_luminary
Rating: G
Summary: Chase's thoughts immediately before easing House's pain for the first time in "Principles of Growth."
Notes: This is a form invented by an LJ user, who calls it a "jump rope poem."  More information on the form here if desired.

Read more... )
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Title: Sonnet Redoublé: The Tyrant
Author: lit_luminary
Rating: PG for concepts.
Summary: Various perspectives on Chase's decision to kill Dibala and its aftermath.
Note: The sonnet redoublé is a highly structured form, consisting of fifteen sonnets.  The first fourteen form a corona (i.e., the last line of the first is the first line of the second, and so on until the loop closes), and the fifteenth comprises, in order, the fourteen linking lines.

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Watched a few House episodes yesterday and came up with this: a dæmonverse AAU spin on S2's "The Mistake," told as a poem in free verse.

Mistake Averted )

And as a general note, I've hit a creative breakthrough with "An Art of Balance" after reading some of Joseph Campbell's work on the heroic cycle and a bit more on the Jungian concept of the shadow-self: I now have the story mapped more or less to the end and can begin actually writing it.  Extremely thrilled about this.


ETA: Alternated between writing my prologue and taking notes for future chapters; also found a book that should be very useful.  And I just had an idea that wants to incorporate itself into the story's climax; it appeals to me on a number of intellectual levels, but at the same time I find it bizarre enough that I'm wondering whether I've had a stroke of genius or one of insanity.
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The sequel to "Principles of Growth" is now tentatively titled "An Art of Balance," and has developed the majority of its plot (i.e., enough that I know more or less where it's going, but not so much that it can't surprise me in the middle).  I fully expect it to be as long as "Principles" and to demand as great a time commitment.

The sonnets that follow are under a cut, as they could be considered vaguely spoiler-ish—not enough to ruin the story for anyone, though.

Thicker Than Water )
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The Vague Large Thing has germinated and is growing a plot; it promises to be at least the length of its predecessor.  I've written the first draft of the prologue and am currently deep in R&D, which is wonderful as I have something of an obsessive love of research.  Some details have been ironed out as far as setting goes: those of you interested in the 'where' of most of the story are welcome to have a look here.

I'm putting the sonnet (Chase's PoV, by the way) under a cut, as interpreting it will give away one or two plot details.  Anyone who wants to comment with a guess is more than welcome to do so.

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I love [info]ruby_took's House/Wilson Werewolf Saga. This is a good thing, because I beta-read it. As with most things I love, however, I tend to generate an enormous amount of writing related to it.  I'll get all my companion-fics up someday; for now, here's the current compilation of sonnets and song reworks, organized by which of the Saga's stories they tie into.

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All right, it's not the prequel you're all hoping for, but I'm willing to bet you'll be impressed anyway.


Because the sonnet redoublé is the most complicated sonnet sequence I've found.  It comprises fifteen sonnets, the first fourteen forming a corona (i.e., the last line of each sonnet is the same as the first line of the next, and the last line of the last sonnet is the same as the first line of the first, completing the circle) and the last is formed from the fourteen linking lines, in order.

This one is a kaleidoscopic (i.e., fragmented and not presented in any sequential order) look at "Principles of Growth", with sonnets from House's, Wilson's, Chase's and Andromeda's perspectives.

Here lies an abundance of iambic pentameter... )
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Continuing Operation: Collected Works with a post full of Shakespearian (English) sonnets, all House-related.  Any and all feedback is richly appreciated.

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The prequel to "Principles of Growth", tentatively titled "Interweaving", is now in progress and shaping up nicely.  No promises about posting dates, but I'll let you know as things develop.

In the meantime, enjoy this Shakespearian sonnet based on a scene from "Principles" (specifically part 13, "Desideratum").

Life Given... )


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