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Borrowing this one from [ profile] phinnia : first ten people to comment get a House drabble by request, to the prompt of their choosing.  (My particular strengths are House/Wilson friendship or relationship, House/Chase friendship, father/son or mentorship, general canon characterizations, and wildly AU stuff involving supernatural elements.  So if you want dæmons, werewolves, vampires and that sort of thing, I'm able and amenable.  Anything outside that list, I'll give my best effort.)

Now, this is going to end up going one of two ways: either fewer than ten people actually follow this journal (which I suspect, as they usually ever just stop by from the comms) and I will get to have a cynical laugh.  Or up to ten people will respond, and I'll be pleasantly and extremely surprised.

First, for [ profile] misanthropicobs : "Something with House and Wilson set within the dæmonverse AAU, preferably from House's viewpoint."

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Second, for [ profile] bluerosefairy: "Rona and Minerva, making fun of the boys.  Because they're awesome."

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Third, for [ profile] phinnia : "Someone’s story of how their dæmon chose final form—House, Wilson or Chase, your choice."  (I ended up going with Chase, since that was the story that came to mind first.)

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Fourth, for [ profile] pasdepixie: "House/Chase mentorship/friendship with subtle kindness by House, set after Cameron's departure."  (Let's say after "Ignorance is Bliss."  Oh, and I disclaim the phrase "Amber Volakis Memorial Apartment," which I first read in a Television Without Pity recap.)

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Fifth, for Nibis: "...House and Wilson join forces to take someone (who clearly deserves it) down a peg or two.  Any universe that suits your fancy."  (This one ended up being a song rework, set within the canon universe, but it's about as long as any of the prose drabbles.  Lucas is the target of House and Wilson's revenge.  Incidentally, if anyone is interested in the other songs I've reworked, check here.)

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Title: Relationship Variations
Author: dominus_trinus (lit_luminary)
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Cuddy, House, Chase; Cuddy/Lucas, House/Wilson friendship, dissolving Chase/Cameron.
Summary: Not all relationships can handle stress-testing.

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Title: Days of Absence
Author: dominus_trinus ([personal profile] lit_luminary )
Rating: G
Cuddy, Wilson, Chase; House/Wilson friendship (or pre-slash, if you prefer), House/Chase mentorship
Summary: Snapshots of an empty space in three lives.

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