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Several songs from Andromeda's perspective, about Chase and mother-love.  (To the tunes of  1) "The Past is Another Land" from Aida, 2) "Race You to the Top of the Morning" from The Secret Garden, and 3) "King of Pain" by The Police.)

1) Andromeda's Lament: A sorrow-song for a stifling marriage.

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2) Just Before Bedtime: A story told and a promise made.

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3) Keeping Vigil: Andromeda post-mortem, watching over Chase.

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And one based canonically: House's perspective on Chase in the wake of the Dibala incident, to the tune of "Standing" from BtVS' Once More, With Feeling.

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The sequel to "Principles of Growth" is now tentatively titled "An Art of Balance," and has developed the majority of its plot (i.e., enough that I know more or less where it's going, but not so much that it can't surprise me in the middle).  I fully expect it to be as long as "Principles" and to demand as great a time commitment.

The sonnets that follow are under a cut, as they could be considered vaguely spoiler-ish—not enough to ruin the story for anyone, though.

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All right, it's not the prequel you're all hoping for, but I'm willing to bet you'll be impressed anyway.


Because the sonnet redoublé is the most complicated sonnet sequence I've found.  It comprises fifteen sonnets, the first fourteen forming a corona (i.e., the last line of each sonnet is the same as the first line of the next, and the last line of the last sonnet is the same as the first line of the first, completing the circle) and the last is formed from the fourteen linking lines, in order.

This one is a kaleidoscopic (i.e., fragmented and not presented in any sequential order) look at "Principles of Growth", with sonnets from House's, Wilson's, Chase's and Andromeda's perspectives.

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Andromeda's lullaby, a continuing thread in "Principles", now has a tune and complete lyrics.  The tune is that of Vienna Teng's "Shine" (listen to a YouTube video of the original piece here); I wrote my own lyrics to fit.

Needless to say, feedback is very much appreciated.


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