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As an introduction, everyone's dæmons (names, forms and the significance thereof, as well as a few paragraphs to explain what dæmons are to those who aren't familiar with His Dark Materials) are listed here.  Note that fics are posted in order of internal chronology, not necessarily the order in which they were written.

Filed below is an early experiment with the idea of dæmons for House et al.: House and Wilson and their respective dæmons embark on a relationship, and begin working through the issues unearthed by the Tritter disaster.

Shifting Balances )

Having gotten the idea of how to write the characters with their dæmons, I threw canon parameters out the window and brought the societal norms of Philip Pullman's world to PPTH.  This fusion of the two worlds created something much richer, and far larger, than I expected at the onset.
The Dæmonverse )
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Watched a few House episodes yesterday and came up with this: a dæmonverse AAU spin on S2's "The Mistake," told as a poem in free verse.

Mistake Averted )

And as a general note, I've hit a creative breakthrough with "An Art of Balance" after reading some of Joseph Campbell's work on the heroic cycle and a bit more on the Jungian concept of the shadow-self: I now have the story mapped more or less to the end and can begin actually writing it.  Extremely thrilled about this.


ETA: Alternated between writing my prologue and taking notes for future chapters; also found a book that should be very useful.  And I just had an idea that wants to incorporate itself into the story's climax; it appeals to me on a number of intellectual levels, but at the same time I find it bizarre enough that I'm wondering whether I've had a stroke of genius or one of insanity.
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The sequel to "Principles of Growth" is now tentatively titled "An Art of Balance," and has developed the majority of its plot (i.e., enough that I know more or less where it's going, but not so much that it can't surprise me in the middle).  I fully expect it to be as long as "Principles" and to demand as great a time commitment.

The sonnets that follow are under a cut, as they could be considered vaguely spoiler-ish—not enough to ruin the story for anyone, though.

Thicker Than Water )


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