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I wrote these months ago and never posted them, so I might as well rectify that.  (If you like them, please see the 'sonnets' tag for others.)

Betrayal is by far the sharpest pain.
He never has been one to call life kind.
He cannot drive the voices from his brain:
The Judas here is only his own mind.
He’s struggled for a balance all these years:
Some obstacles he’ll never make to yield.
And still somehow he’s fallen, and he fears
That logic’s turned away, and cannot shield
Against the demons he himself has wrought.
The laughter of a ghost rings in his head;
Some memories will not rest as they ought.
So now, what’s real? Who’s living, and who’s dead?
There’s nothing left here that he dares to trust:
The future crumbles, gray as ash and dust.

Line in the Sand
Ruined. Poisoned. Words for a line crossed,
For the removal of a wedding band.
House knows too well conviction has a cost,
That moral lines are often drawn in sand.
He never ruined anyone. Chase knew:
Either live a lie or choose to pay truth’s price.
He’s strong enough to do as he must do:
He’d known that truth demanded sacrifice.
And yet the lesson’s bitter, and the scar
This breach will cause…House hopes its line is clean.
Wonders if, just perhaps, he pushed too far—
If more damage was done than he had seen.
But none was caused by him or was his aim.
How could she think that he’s the one to blame?

Kyrie Eleison
He’d once been soothed by the rituals here:
Murmured prayers and the scent of incense smoke.
But there’s no comfort now, nothing but fear
And guilt that’s wrapped around him like a cloak.
And yet—somehow he can’t say he was wrong.
There hadn’t been another way to choose.
Just watch the bodies fall, a bloodied throng?
Too many lives at stake, too much to lose.
He leaves the church. The burn of alcohol
Begins a cycle etched in memory.
Could he have guessed he had so far to fall?
Or hadn’t he paused long enough to see?
Some choices, made, move beyond all control,
And some lines, crossed, are scars carved on the soul.
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